Hello and welcome to my personal finance and, simply, life blog! I created this blog for a couple reasons: namely to keep me accountable and improve my own finances, track my progress, and hopefully help readers improve their own finances along the way!

My name is Kyle and I just finished vacationing, traveling, camping, hiking, etc. for 7.5 of the last 13 weeks; anywhere from the west coast from San Diego to LA, to a handful of national parks between California, Arizona, and Utah, to the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. Now, I am back, living in Ohio with my wife, already planning our next adventures (the big on being Europe next summer!)

I am a young adult who graduated from a decently expensive university in May of 2012, but managed to do so with no student debtI graduated with two undergraduate business degrees, honors, started my Masters (which I have since completed), and came out with a positive net worth.

I then graduated again in May of 2016 with my Organizational Leadership MBA, once again with no student loan debt. 

My ability to stay out of debt (combined with marrying my wife who did accumulate some student loan debt [a little over $40,000]) was a big reason why I started this blog.

Anyway, I bounced from a couple different career paths in sales, to now teaching tennis and growing a non-profit for athletes with Down Syndrome. I have also jump headlong into real estate investing over the past couple years, and am looking to continue growing that business as well. I will publish monthly income updates where I discuss our investments, financials, and everything in between.

Thanks for visiting my page; hope I can help turn your Dollars to Dreams.