Hi Everyone! In case you couldn’t tell, this is my first one

Welcome everyone! After toying with the idea for months (probably more honestly, years…), I have finally decided to start my own blog, mostly on my (and now me and my wife’s) financial journey.

My wife and I currently have some debt in the form of her student loans (started around $40,000 – currently closer $25,000 – which we started aggressively paying off last year. More on this to come) as well as a mortgage on our cozy town home. We have no car payments and I personally have never had credit card debt (my wife no longer does) and we always pay the full balance every month.

To start we’ll keep it short and sweet with my background. I am currently 29 years old, married to a wonderful wife for a year and a half, and [adopted] father to two, little furry felines.

Where I am now is different than where I came from, and who knows, but probably very different from where I am going.

I have one degree in Mathematics, one degree in Psychology, a minor in Business Management, and an MBA… yes, I know, a very strange menagerie of degrees.

My wife is a licensed mental health counselor – likely something very valuable to her in being able to relate to her slightly off-the-wall husband.

What made me start this blog is simply that I have spent countless hours over the last several years learning more and more about personal finance, investing, real estate, etc. and would like to share knowledge and give a look into at least what small steps we are taking to have a certain level of financial health. (Selfishly, I am also hoping that this we help keep me accountable and focused on our journey as well).

I plan on sharing any saving tips or hacks we use or discover, what our investments look like, and anything in relation to these topics… WARNING: you may get some pictures of our little furry felines along the way.

Time to start turning our Dollars to Dreams!

u s dollar bills pin down on the ground

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